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  Leaving a legacy

Pulau Tinggi

The extinct volcano
Most people are not aware, the existence of Pulau Tinggi that towers 600m over the East Coast of Malaysia. It is also not known to many that some claimed the island to be an extinct volcano and although it needs confirmation, visitors to the island can still smell the strong odour of sulpur fumes emitted through her river beds and hot springs.

The Marine Park
Pulau Tinggi is a designated Marine Park. As such much restrictions have been imposed in order to preserve the surrounding aquatic life.

the marine park at pulau tinggi
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profile of pulau tinggi
As part of the marine conservation project, many artificial reefs have been placed around the island since early 2000.
To date, sizable coral formation and rich aquatic life have been successfully documented. The area around Pulau Tinggi is as such, famously  
artificial reef

known for its high grade fishes. A few "kelong" (fish farms) still operates in the area and although fishing is a daily activity for both locals and visitors, much care have been put in place to preserve the park. the turtle hatchery >


nurse shark

moray eel

sting ray
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